For some reason, I’d never really considered Norfolk for a break, and after staying with East Ruston Cottages several times while photographing for their dog friendly cottages, now I understand why. Here are some very valid reasons to stay away…..

You hate beaches

With over 90 miles of joined beaches, it’s hard to ignore them. All that sand, ew. Oh, and a lot of them are dog friendly all year round AND no matter what time of year you go, you will always be able to find quiet beaches very easily – I mean, who wants that!?

Who in their right mind would want to see their dog this happy on an empty Norfolk beach!?

You love the hustle and bustle

You can slow your pace right down and appreciate nature and the simple things in life. There are seals, lots of them – apparently Norfolk is pretty famous for it. Hares too, and owls and loads of other birds. It’s alright if that’s your kind of thing I guess, but give me the tube station rats and mice any day! And Norfolk is quite flat so there is lots of open spaces and you can see lots and lots of sky. Sounds dull as ditch water to me!

You hate dogs

I know if you are reading this, you probably have a dog, but geez, you don’t have to like allllll the dogs right!? It’s like when someone shows you a picture of a baby – unless it’s yours, is anyone bothered? There are WAY too many dog friendly places in Norfolk – some even have canine menu’s – what’s got into people? Why do people insist on taking their dogs everywhere?

The Gunton Arms is a gorgeous pub near Trunch, why does everyone have to take their dogs to these lovely places!?

You love taking your car everywhere

Don’t bother with Norfolk then! Because of how close the villages are to the beach or the broads or the stock free countryside, you and your dog can quite easily walk from the doorstep. You will find loads of dog friendly pubs, fish and chip shops and cafes serving great food withing walking distance too – you might forget how to drive!

The food at dog friendly Beach Rock cafe looks terrible as you can see. Stick to Starbucks.

You hate nice weather

I’ve been there in February and it was so mild – no thank you! I live in Cumbia, I need sideways rain, wind which will blow your whippet off it’s feet, and four seasons in an hour just to keep you on your toes. I don’t get this nice weather malarky.

Stunning Rooster Barn is one of the many gorgeous dog friendly Norfolk properties at East Ruston Cottages.

So there you have it – Norfolk is the WORST place to go to with your dog. Don’t go. And don’t recommend it to your friends either – unless you really don’t like them.

In all seriousness, discovering East Ruston Cottages and Norfolk has been a game changer. So many dog friendly places to eat & visit, including boat tours. I’m not usually a beach person but I’ve walked through the dunes which go for miles and then dropped down onto an empty beach – which isn’t unusual with 90 miles of joined beaches.

I’ve tended to keep to the smaller villages than the bigger towns and found them really dog friendly, and as I mentioned, lots of lovely independent shops and cafes.

If you were still on the fence about visiting Norfolk, let me assure you, you will find your perfect place to stay at East Ruston Cottages – from 2 person chalets to big family homes with games rooms, from classic beach style cottages to country barns and the website tells all you need to know about the gardens & areas, and has properties for anxious or reactive dogs.

Going the extra mile to be truly dog welcoming

But more importantly Sue and the cottage owners will go absolutely out of their way to make your dog feel welcome, which is just a breath of fresh air.

I guess I’d add one last ‘don’t do it’ point – don’t book with East Ruston Cottages if you want to have every other holiday ruined because the standard will have been set very high.

I’ve worked with East Ruston Cottages for 3 years so far on their social media and images – Sue hasn’t paid me to do this blog, I’m doing it because I want everyone to discover the joy of Norfolk and ERC.

If you have visited already, I’d love to know where you have stayed and your favourite places to visit!

Kerry x