Beautiful Bluebells…or the lack of them….

It’s been a fairly hectic month – I’ve had two trips down south for shoots, and had friends visiting too which is always amazing. 

I’m not going to lie, I was super worried about the Sussex bluebell shoots – I went through my archive as I’ve been photographing in the same spot for four years, to check the dates of when I did my previous shoots to set the date for this year. 

But when I arrived, my heart sank.   

Remember I’m nearly 400 miles away from that spot now, so I couldn’t do a reccie, I just had to trust my previous shoots. But it seemed like the heavy rain had really effected the timings, and what usually was a massive carpet of bluebells was pretty patchy. 

But part of being an on location photographer, is adapting…and thankfully (wipes brow), there was enough to work with to still get some gorgeous shots. 

After my last shoot on Sunday, I popped over to my old local bluebell woods to where I scattered the ashes of my boy Jasper, to sit and reflect, and remember. His tag was still there which was pretty amazing. 

Lake District Bluebell Shoots

I’m super excited to have found possibly THE place for my Lake District Dogs in Bluebells photoshoot. It’s a bit busier than I’d like so unless I find somewhere else, I’ll be shooting out of the peak walking times, but that just means beautiful light! The reason it’s so perfect is that there are countless different spots which look and feel different from each other so it will give a real variety. 

Check out some of my personal favourites – which one is yours??