I’d love a photo shoot but my dog can’t go off lead

I had a call recently from a lovely lady wanting to buy her sister a gift voucher, she was worried though. Her sisters dog was a rescue, and didn’t think she could go off lead.

I’m so glad she called instead of just thinking it wasn’t possible. I’ve been a dog Photographer since 2013 and learned how to deal with this early on. There are two options: photographing your dog in it’s own garden or going for a walk on-lead and taking the lead out in editing, you can see examples of editing below.

That’s the great thing about hiring a photographer who specialises in dogs, we have lots of tricks (and treats) up our sleeves!

If you have any questions or concerns that have held you back from having your dog photographed, please drop me an email at Kerry@furandfables.com or give me a call on 07810 541 685. Or if you are now feeling confident – you can always book in for a shoot! Book Me In!


Photoshopped examples of dogs on lead for a photoshoot and then the lead removed.