What should I wear?

It depends if you would like to be in the photo with your hound! If you do, I suggest smart but practical, maybe smart jeans and nice boots. Even if you don’t want to be fully in the photo, a lot of clients like to do a ‘boots’ shot like the one below. Otherwise, wear something comfortable! We usually walk for around an hour or so, and sometimes if we spot a nice area we may off road a little.
What Should I Wear?

My dog needs to be kept on lead, will that be an issue?

Absolutely not. As long as we can position the lead in a certain way, I am able to take it out in post production. We can also use a long line to get action shots, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve.

Do I need to wash / groom my dog?

This is entirely up to you, I would probably recommend it for white or paler coloured dogs. There’s a possiblility that they won’t stay clean for long though, I try and make the shoots fun for both humans and hounds, so if there’s a dog who loves water, let them be in the water! We’ll do this at the end of the shoot.

What happens if the weather is bad?

I won’t make a call on the weather until the day before. The weather reports are so changeable, it can go from cloudy to torrential rain to sunny in the course of half a day sometimes. If when I check, it is more than 50% rain at the time of our shoot, I’ll call you to see if you want to rearrange.

Outdoor Dog Photography

I have more than one dog, will that be okay?

If you have more than two dogs from the same household, drop me a message here – it will depend on the dogs & their personality as to whether we can do the shoot in the time slot, there may be a small fee if we need longer. 

Why do I need a pre shoot consultation call?

On our call we will chat about your hound, its personality, likes & dislikes and what you would like to achieve from the shoot. We can then discuss what location will be best for your hound.

What's a personalised slideshow gallery?

Before our post shoot call, I’ll send you something like the below slideshow! I take the time out to choose the right format to complement your images & you receive a link that you can share till your hearts content.

Why do I need a post shoot consultation call?

I’m here to make your experience as easy as possible. I’ll direct you to your gallery, talk you through how to use it and what the purchase options are. I can advise you on what products may be best for you as well as the types of frames or products that may be best for your home.

What does 'Professionally edited' mean?

I want your images to shine. I want you to look at them and think “Wow”. Camera’s are amazing at capturing the scene in front of them, what they don’t have is a creative vision, that’s where editing comes in. I hand edit each image, no filters, as each shoot is unique.

Professionally edited dog photoghs

What's a design service?

Sometimes, for larger works of art, it’s difficult to envision how it will look on your walls. If you can send me a snapshot of your wall, I can send it back to you with different sizes of products, different frames and mounts so you have a clearer idea of how the finished product will look.

Dog Photography Design Service