It’s just a dog bed…

….actually, it’s not. I had been hearing good things about these snuggle beds, but if I am being completely honest, they aren’t cheap, but I am! I did a bit of research, I spoke to people who already had one and they kept saying things like “it’s an investment” or “it’s the best thing that I have ever bought my dog”. I was sceptical, it is, after all, just a dog bed.

When they had a sale I decided to see what all the fuss was about. What can I say, it’s been an investment, and it is in fact, one of the best things I have bought for my dogs. So much so, that I now have two.

For me, it’s not just about the quality (which is excellent), but also about the service too. The Charley Chau girls obviously care a heck of a lot about their brand and their customers.

I love how when you buy a Charley Chau Snuggle Bed, you never say “he’s in his bed”, you always say “he’s in his Charley Chau”. It’s fast becoming a brand that, once you have one, you are proud to say the name.

Dog beds that last

So a bit about the beds for those of you who are on the fence yourselves; they have a substantial mattress which after over a year, still has it’s shape. The cover is a heavy, good quality cotton in a variety of colours – it’s very smart, so it also looks really great in the home (unlike some dog beds!). It has a ‘lid’ which my Whippets seemed to have an uncanny knack of understanding what it’s for, and were happily ensconced within minutes. I have washed the cover several times now (it has a velcro fastening at the back making it easy to remove), and the colours are still good.

But obviously the most important thing is, my Whippets love their beds. That cold nose wakeup call at 2am to get under the duvet has reduced dramatically.

So what are the negatives? Well, I have heard from one couple that their Whippet doesn’t want sofa snuggles anymore as she prefers her bed. Another person had a mini panic when they couldn’t find their Whippet, only to realise they were snuggled right at the back of their bed. Make of that what you will.

I’d love to hear your Snuggle Bed stories! (As you can see, our guest Sid the Greyhound loved it, he was just a bit too big!)

*Edit: I now own two Deeply Dishy beds along with the faux fur throws which my hounds love just as much as their Snuggle Beds!

Charley Chau Website:

*Reviewed personally because I love the brand & product. I was not paid for this review.


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