I failed my sales targets but it’s still a win!

Dogstival was my first big event so I expected to learn a lot, and figure out what I could do better next time. The week before I sat down with a good friend, put on my business head and tried to think of strategies; my theory was I needed to at least break even and cover the pitch fee & hotel. I didn’t even come close, but I’m not upset at all! Here’s why:

Using the sneaky method of putting treats out to lure dogs to the stall.

The Event

It was an brilliant event, one that I would definitely attend myself. Everything was well spaced out unlike some of the dog events I’ve been to where there’s a narrow strip in between stall holders. There was a good variety of stalls and what was brilliant to see was that a lot of them were smaller, independent brands. The footfall was huge! Particularly on the Saturday – I can’t remember a time I enjoyed talking so much.

Two whippets and a terrier looking at the camera at dogstival event

The always awesome Lazy Hounds

Dog cuddles

Oh, and then were the dog cuddles. Oh.my.days – I was honestly in heaven! So many dogs, so little time. So with all these people who obviously all adored their dogs, why am I not upset that I didn’t meet my targets? Because you cannot put a price on meeting & bonding with people and their dogs. I heard amazing stories, met & chatted some of my followers from facebook & instagram and got to say hello to some of my biggest dog crushes. As one of the other stallholders said – you can pay a fair few hundred pounds for a print advertisement and have no idea who’s seeing it. 


Did you go? Did you enjoy it? I’ve already asked to be included in next year!

Check out the gallery of some of the hounds who visited here.

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