About a month ago, I had a post on my Facebook page of a little dog called Mara, and I instantly fell in love! She wasn’t your usual pretty dog, but something about her shone through, there was a spirit & a fire. I wanted to meet her & hear her story – as fate would have it, her fur mum didn’t live far away! 

Introducing Mara

I think we probably have all been guilty of overlooking dogs that don’t match up with what is ‘normally’ cute, I know I have. Mara has certainly changed my perception, she’s bloody gorgeous both inside and out. Here’s a bit of her story.

Rescued from a hoarder

She was rescued in 2014 by the RSPCA at 8yrs old from an animal hoarder where she had clearly had many puppies, although she was rehomed to an elderly couple who loved her, they couldn’t keep up with her needs and eventually had to move to supported living – the relatives wanted Mara to be put to sleep.
By this time, she is lethargic, obese and has rotten teeth although still has that cheeky soul, the vet suggested surrendering her to rescue where the full extent of her issues comes to light; she was 10kg, had a damaged liver, a heart murmur and needed many teeth removing (which is why she has that cute pokey out tongue).

Amazing at nearly 14 years old!

Last year, on her 13th birthday, the very lovely Katie goes to see Mara and adopts her immediately! There’s something about Mara , and Katie know that she needs to come home with her. She’s collected that week; Katie drove from Portsmouth to Redruth in a day to fetch her, and the rest is history!!   

Birthday Girl

Next month, Katie is looking forward to celebrating Mara’s 14th Birthday and now she’s a brand new dog.  Katie says: “She’s been on an easily digestible diet and supplements to help her liver, joints and cognition. 

A different dog

Mara is now 5.5kg, enjoys two walks a day, which she LIVES for, she likes sunbathing, chasing pigeons and flirting with boy dogs, it’s so funny to watch her flirt, she gets very perky and silly and play bows and I have been asked “is she a puppy?”.  Her favourite times of day are breakfast time, walk time, and bed time equally >^^<  The thing she likes least in the world is when Anthea tried to snuggle her.  When she sunbathes we get to play “is Mara sunbathing or unwell” as she lies flat out, face down, tongue out. She comes with me lots of places, family gatherings and pub with friends and is just an angel. SUCH an easy dog to have around. Easier than Cora who I’ve had since a puppy 🤦🏻‍♀️

Stay tuned for Anthea’s story – another unconventional beauty.



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