I know recommendations are really important for small brands, as well as the people buying from them so I’ve decided to do series on the brands I know, like and trust. I have either bought from these small brands, worked with them or both for many many years so I hope this will help you if you are looking for something specific for your dog.

An enrichment toy with an infinite possibilities!

As a dog owner, I’d seen a fair few individual toys which you could stuff with food, the issue was that they never lasted very long regardless of what I stuffed them with. So when I came across K9 Connectables many years ago, I was instantly curious. I really liked the fact that you could connect a few of them together – in my head I thought, what a perfect thing to take with me when I go to the pub with the dogs!

Great for keeping a dog entertained for longer!

Different levels to build confidence

One of the things I loved the most about these toys is that there were so many different levels from easy to expert it meant that just a couple of the toys would keep the dogs entertained for longer – you can start easy and as their confidence grows you can make it harder by doing an extra ‘click’ but then, joy of joys, you can add more, and more to make them super difficult and really make your dogs brain work!

Keeping it interesting

I’ve been using different K9 Connectables for a fair few years so I’ve tried lots of fillings! Everything from cream cheese to mashed potato. The things I have found which keep my dogs entertained for the longest is actually roast chicken and blocks of cheese – I think it’s because you can squish it right in and both become quite compact so rather than bits falling out, the dogs actually have to lick to get at it, sometimes taking 20 minutes – times that by however many you want to attach and you have yourself some quiet time and mentally tired dogs afterwards! 

Since I first discovered K9 Connectables, they have brought out several new variations, like the stick on ones which you can connect to any of the others, and a fabulous kibble wobble ball which can also be connected and ones for tough chewers.  The sticky version is great for popping on the end of the bath if your dog isn’t particularly happy having a shower, or for distracting your dog while you clip their nails. But wait, there’s more!

Oh yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – when you buy a K9 Connectable, you aren’t just buying an interactive food dispenser, they bounce really well, and they float! It’s one of the many reasons I think K9 Connectables are well worth the money. I’ve got ones that have lasted about 6 years (the ones I haven’t lost) – I take them stuffed and connect to the pub garden to settle the dogs down, I use them if I haven’t been able to do a big walk, and then I take individual ones to the beach as a toy and unlike a tennis ball, they wont wear down your dogs teeth.

Have you already tried K9 Connectables? Let me know in the comments!

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