26th July – Celebrating the love of photographing our dogs

Dog sat with the text overlay National Dog Photography Day

Back in 2018 I created a national awareness day “National Dog Photography Day” and I had no idea how much it would take off! We all love taking photo’s of our dogs don’t we? This day not only celebrates that, but it’s a chance to legitimately flood the internet with dog photos and revel in our national obsession with dogs.


There are so many photo’s shared on National Dog Photography Day that it makes sense to try and make yours stand out! Westminster Abbey, The Queen, Toyota and Andrew Lloyd Webber sharing their images – if you want to get your photo noticed, I have a few tips for you.

  • Make sure the actual image of your dog is clear – no cluttered backgrounds which can be distracting, the simpler the better!
  • Have you got any photographs of your dog next to a distinguishing landmark like the London Eye or Angel of the North. Or anything that’s a bit more local to you, you can then tag your local newspapers to see if they will feature it.
  • Do you have any cute props like a stuffed camera toy, or an actual camera which you can pose your dog next to, anything to make your image a little different from all the rest (maybe you can set it up so your dog looks like it’s taking the photo!)
  • Use graphics on your image, overlay the #nationaldogphotographyday hashtag to make it stand out (still use the hashtag in the post too though so it can be found when people search it).
  • Tag local relevant businesses to see if they will share – if you get your dog groomed, tag your local groomers or vets!
  • For businesses, make sure that you mention your product or service too, you never know when your tweet will go viral. Tag brands who you love and/or who you have collaborated with before. (Make sure they are relevant though, and don’t spam them!).
  • Make it FUN! Have a funny caption that people can relate to, or a funny story or quote.
  • Do a behind the scenes shot and then the finished product too.
  • Does your dog do a cool trick? Try and get a shot of the doing that! Who doesn’t love to see a photo of a dog doing a high five?
  • Reshare other posts from the hashtag, they may be kind enough to share yours back!

Most of all, make sure you use the #NationalDogPhotographyDay tag!

If you’d like to get a copy of my free PDF of top tips, just click here!


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