You want to spoil your dog and a subscription box is a great way of doing it – delivered to your door each month, you don’t have to even think about buying new toys and finding new and interesting treats for your dog!

Is this the best subscription box for dogs?

As you know, I love to shine a spotlight on brands I know who are brilliant at what they do, it’s my way of helping support small businesses (as well as buying when I can!) Today I’d like to introduce you to Collar Club Subscription Box who I have been a customer of for many years and have subsequently done photography for too! But why did I choose Collar Club?

Putting the planet first

When I first started getting Collar Club boxes, there weren’t very many brands doing the same thing, and I hadn’t been inspired to get one. The reason this one is different, and why it appealed to me was the environmentally friendly aspect – the Mission Statement says it all really!
“We take ethical sourcing and sustainability very seriously, and try to ensure that the actions of ourselves and our suppliers have people, pets and the planet in their best interests.”

Need a little more convincing?

If you needed any more reasons, here are a few more – it’s not an extensive list, there are heaps more reasons, but these ones are important to me:
📦Jo, who owns the brand, has a background in sustainability and ethical workplaces so she researches both her treat and toy suppliers to make sure that both of those boxes are ticked.
📦Each month there’s a different theme for the treats and toys – I’m not sure if the boys see the difference, but it makes it a joy for me to open!
📦Jo tries to include small artesian brands as well as some of the more well known ones, but all have sustainability at their heart.
📦All the dog treats are 100% natural
📦Any dog toys in the boxes are assured to be non toxic and free from harmful chemical
📦The boxes can be tailored – so my boys prefer soft toys to hard toys, and you can also get different products if your dog has allergies

📦But very importantly – the absolute joy that Shadow and Bertie show on delivery day makes me very very happy!

I think the thing which shines through about Collar Club is the real attention to detail, and the variety, which means that it’s kept interesting for both hound and human!

Jo has very kindly set me up with a 30% off discount code on your first box – this isn’t an affiliate, I don’t get paid, it’s just a fantastic service! Just enter FURANDFABLES at the checkout and wait impatiently for your first box! Head over to now!

If you are a dog brand and you’d really want to elevate your images and reach your ideal clients with commercial pet photography, drop me an email to – I’d love to hear from you!

Kerry x

(ps I’m always looking for dog models for brand shoots, so if your dog can, at a very minimum, do an excellent sit/stand & wait, is well socialised and good with other dogs, has solid recall and doesn’t resource guard, feel free to pop me an email at – I’m based in the Lake District but I travel all round the UK for client shoots!)


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