It’s all very well preparing people for a photoshoot with tips in advance, but how about your dogs? 

A blog post for dogs: Tips on how to get the best out of your photoshoot

Try and relax before the shoot, maybe do a bit of yoga & get a manicure so you feel your absolute best.

Whippet doing downward dog yoga pose. Bulldog lying on it's back on a rug getting paw balm put on.

Spend some time at the hairdressers so your coat looks glossy, clean and perfectly coiffed.

Apricot spaniel running through the water

Try to relax in front of the camera – pretend it’s not there so you can get the most natural shots.

Apricot spaniel looking suspiciously at the camera coated xolo dog jumping in the air while looking at the camera.

If you have any distinguishing features like glossy elegant ears, let your photographer know so they can try and pose you to make the most of them, while still making you look stylish and sophisticated.

Spaniel running through water with ears covering it's eyes

It’s best not to snack during the shoot, just in case you get food stuck in your teeth.

coated xolo running with a bit of grass in it's mouth.

Check pinterest and look at some poses that you like – practice them in front of the mirror so you know which ones work well for you.

Coated Xolo jumping for a toy in weird positions

Remember, your humans may want to be in some of the shots and for those, it’s not all about you – look at your owner (not the camera) with an air of calm dignity for that perfect ‘mans best friend’ portrait. Let them have a little time in the limelight.

Don’t worry if you have any features you aren’t confident about. Your photographer can work with poses that will make you feel amazing.

And last but not least – your photographer would love it if you told all your friends how amazing your shoot was!

If you loved this post and it made you laugh – feel free to share it with your friends and pass on a little joy today! Kerry x

If you feel your dog has nailed these tips already and would like to book a shoot, you can find all the details and the contact form right here:


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