I know recommendations are really important for small brands, as well as the people buying from them so I’ve decided to do series on the brands I know, like and trust. I have either bought from these small brands, worked with them or both for many many years so I hope this will help you if you are looking for something specific for your dog.

The Ultimate in Whippet Attire

Now I have been working with Debbie at Redhound for Dogs who makes whippet coats & jumpers, photographing for her brand for, oooh, 8 years now so you could be mistaken for thinking I’m biased with this spotlight, but there’s a reason I’ve been working with her for so long; she’s passionate about what she does – clothing whippets both practically and stylishly, she delivers consistently high stands, she’s generous to a fault and an all round good egg.

The face behind the brand.

There will be cheaper alternatives.

The thing I love about this brand is that Debbie and her team are always ahead of the game. I the last few years I’ve seen a massive increase in brands catering not just dog jumpers and coats, but whippet specific ones too, and it’s great to see this industry growing! The differentiator is that Debbie has been doing her thing for 13 years and sewing and designing has been in her blood for many more years that that! So when you buy a coat or a jumper from her you know these things; she has researched tirelessly about what works and what doesn’t, she knows the shape of a whippet like the back of her hand, her skills are finely honed, she sources the best materials and that whatever you buy will last. In every area of my life, I’ve got more and more conscious about not buying things to throw them away 6 months later because they are cheaper, but instead, investing in something which lasts.

Made for Sighthounds

If you have ever tried to find a whippet jumper or coat, or actually if you have any dog with the same build as a sighthound like a Vizsla or a Dalmatian, you know how hard it is to find ‘of the rack’ that fit their shape – with their tucked up waist, deep chest and long backs, pet shop attire ends up gaping in one area or another. That’s why Redhound are so great, Debbie has known and worked with the sighthound shape for over a decade!

Because Debbie has a genuine love for making sure sighthounds are cosy and wearing appropriate attire, in her range you will find something for every season, every weather occurrence and whatever you look for, it will be stylish as well as practical. So whether it’s rain, snow, wind, dark nights, a bit of spring drizzle – your hound will be covered!

Have you already discovered Redhound for Dogs? Let me know in the comments!

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