I recently visited London to do a shoot at the Egerton House Hotel where they do doggy afternoon tea (more on that soon!), and it got me thinking about how some places say that they are dog friendly, but in actual fact, it’s more like ‘dogs allowed’. So I decided to test how dog friendly some of my local places were, as recommended by Haslemere locals, I hope dog owners find this useful!

The Lions Den, Weyhill

The Lions Den, Haslemere

Style: Bistro / Cafe
Space: Cosy but plenty of floor space
Time visited: Friday at lunchtime – busy but had tables.
Waterbowl / biscuits: Yes to both – as you walked in the front door although all the bowls were empty.
Did they acknowledge my dog: No, but they were super busy.
Garden: No garden, little seating area outside which looks over Lion Green.
Pros: They didn’t bat an eyelid when I asked if Shadow could go up on the comfy seat with a rug.
Cons: Probably not the place to go with a dog that isn’t good with noise – it’s a family friendly place so at lunchtime on a school holiday Friday, it got quite noisy. 
Would I go back with my dog?: Yes, if I had just one or two with me. 
Is it obviously dog friendly?: Yes, says dogs welcome on the windows. 
Local Walks: A stones throw away from Hindhead Common which links with Devil’s Punchbowl. 

The Holly Bush, Frensham

A whippet and a spaniel sat on a haybale at a dog friendly bar

The Holly Bush, Frensham

Style: Cosy Pub / Bar
Space: Cosy inside, good space outside, both patio area and grassed area. 
Time visited: Friday at 7.30pm. Busy but tables outside available.
Waterbowl / biscuits: Waterbowl’s available. 
Did they acknowledge my dog: A friend of the owner was obviously a whippet fan, so they got lots of fuss! 
Garden: Lovely grassed seating area on two levels, with the upper level having a street food truck where you could order cocktails. 
Pros: Shadow managed to jump up on the benches, right in front of one of the owners, and she really didn’t mind. 
Cons: As it was family friendly, there were lots of children running quite close to where the dogs were laying. Our dogs didn’t mind (we took 6 in total), however for an anxious dog, may be best to go when it’s quieter. 
Would I go back with my dog? Absolutely! 
Is it obviously dog friendly?: Yes! Their instagram account has a plethora of dog visitors. 
Local walks: Just minutes away from Frensham Little Ponds. 
Car parking: Couldn’t see any for the pub, road parking available. 

The Links Tavern, Liphook

Whippet sat on a cosy chair in a dog friendly bar

The Links Tavern, Liphook

Style: Smart Pub
Space: Fairly big with separate dining and bar area with more informal seating. 
Time visited: Saturday at 5.30pm, was quiet at this time but looked like it was getting busy as I left. 
Waterbowl / biscuits: Yes to both – they actually had a dog pic & mix bar with donations going towards a charity, and a ‘dog keg’ outside. 
Did they acknowledge my dog: Yes
Garden: Lovely grassed seating area
Pros: Were fine with the dogs being on the sofa/chair with a rug down. 
Cons: It’s next to a main road so it could get a bit noisy if you sit outside – although the grassed seating area is round the back.  
Would I go back with my dog? Yes, I’d be happy to take all of them. 
Is it obviously dog friendly?: Did I mention the dog keg outside? 
Local Walks: A lovely walk through heathland next to the Deers Hut pub, and Iron Hill both within 5 minutes drive. 
Car parking: Plenty of parking next to the pub.

The Dog & Pheasant, Brook

Style: Country Pub
Space: Cosy inside, good space outside
Time visited: Wednesday at 5.15pm, quiet. 
Waterbowl / biscuits: Dog bowl. I saw what seemed to be a regular offered biscuits, Boo didn’t get offered though.  
Did they acknowledge my dog: No
Garden: Nice raised patio with countryside views & also grassy nooks & children’s enclosed play area. 
Pros: The outside seating areas are lovely.  
Cons: Limited parking outside the pub, even when it was quiet. 
Would I go back with my dog? I have been before without the dogs and it’s a great local pub with good food but I’d probably not with the hounds, unless we sat in the garden. 
Is it obviously dog friendly?: Not really.  
Local Walks: National Trust site Witley Common is very close. 
Car parking: Limited parking outside the pub, even when it was quiet. There’s road parking across the main road. 

Whippet standing on a patio of a pub garden with countryside views

The Dog & Pheasant Pub, Brook

   The Britannia, Guildford Riverside

Obviously a little further out, but worth the trip!

Style: Modern Pub
Space: Fairly big with, good floor space
Time visited: Sunday at 1.45pm, it was busy outside (warm day). 
Waterbowl / biscuits: Yes to both. 
Did they acknowledge my dog: Yes, they were made to feel welcome. 
Garden: No garden however there was a patio at the front & shaded area at the back. 
Pros: Amazingly, they had a stack not only dog towels, but dog beds!
Cons: Limited parking when busy.   
Would I go back with my dog? Yes, I’d be happy to take all of them. 
Is it obviously dog friendly?: Absolutely! Apart from the dog beds, there’s a big ‘dog friendly’ sign outside. They also do ‘dog of the day’ on Instagram. 
Local Walks: Canal/river walk only a couple of minutes away, really lovely stroll.
Car parking: There’s paid parking at the front of the pub, but as it’s Guildford, it was busy – there is also additional parking just to the side. 

Stack of dog beds & towels at Guildford dog friendly pub.

The Britannia, Guildford


  1. Emma

    Great to know these things as we have a 10 month old border terrier

  2. Janice Worsfold

    What a great idea. Thank you for compiling this, very useful.

  3. Frederick Thompson

    Really lovely idea – with useful information – just a pity we don’t live that way, but still handy to know if visiting. Perhaps you could take a trip to Medway, kent and do the same for this area(HAHAHa)


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