Don’t pass by the dogs who are unconventional looking when thinking about adoption. Meet Anthea, who has had a very tough life but still has plenty of love to give. 

Chinese Crested Adoption Story

Small Chinese crested Dog running through flowers

Anthea, an ex over-used breeding girl, was adopted last year from Many Tears. Estimated at about 10yrs old feisty Anthea has two inguinal hernias, they’ll only be operated on if they become an issue and also had to have teeth removed for being in a poor state. 

Anthea has been with Katie, her new owner, for 10 months and still struggles with her confidence on walks. She’s easily spooked, will frequently refuse to walk at all and doesn’t like people she doesn’t know touching her (which I found difficult when I met her, because of course I want to cuddle ALL the dogs!)  

side profile photograph of a Chinese crested Dog with tongue sticking out

Lots of Love to Give

However, in the house she simply wants to snuggle, Mara (you can read her story here) and Katie are her main targets and Mara and Anthea sometimes have to be separated because Mara doesn’t like snuggles!  The snuggling seems to really help some of the other foster dogs that Katie has from Many Tears, all ex breeding animals who have never known a kind person or lived in a home.  Anthea snuggles up around them and with her warm presence they’re reassured….until she tries to eat their dinner after gulping her own! She may never forget her years of hunger so she has to be fed in a crate and only let out when the other dogs have finished eating or else she would be huge! 

Chinese crested Dog on hind legs taking a treat from a hand

Anthea’s favourite times of day are meal times and sofa time.  She digs furiously at whatever she’s sat on (the sofa, the bed, even Katie’s butt!) to “make” a bed before curling up for a snuggle.

A lot of people may have rejected Anthea based purely on looks – but after hearing her story, have you fallen in love? I know I did!


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