Have you ever thought about having a photoshoot with your dog, but looked around and found a dizzying array of prices? Or found a dog photographer whose style you love but then wondered how on earth you can afford it because their price is so high?

I get it! I was the same when I was looking for a wedding photographer, it’s pretty darn confusing, so I hope this blog will help you understand why there are some dramatically different charges out there.  

Dog Photographer Prices

Imagine you’ve booked a shoot, you’ve found a photographer that’s really cheap, bonus! AND you get all the digitals, even better. There’s not much communication with the photographer, apart from time, date and location. You’re a little nervous, you’ve never done this before. Will your dog behave? Will it run off? What happens if it doesn’t like the camera? 

You arrive at the location, a playing field, but that’s okay, this person is a professional, they know what they are doing. The shoot doesn’t last very long, and you wave goodbye wondering what the next step is. 

A couple of days later, the photographer emails you with your images, like this one. 

Bad image of of a dog which is over saturated with a wonky horizon line

In your head (or out loud if it so pleases you), give this image a monetary value – how much would you expect to pay for a print of this? A couple of pounds maybe?

I kid you not, this was in a folder on my pc marked ‘to post’ – this was one of the images I felt was amazing enough to give to a client. But that’s fine! It was the stage I was at then, I had virtually no experience, a low budget DSLR and lens, no marketing knowledge, no idea what my style was (apart from VERY over saturated colours!) social media wasn’t a big thing back then, I didn’t even have a website – I posted on Blogspot! (If you fancy a nosy and a laugh – check out my first ever post back in 2009! http://kerryjordanphotography.blogspot.com/2009/09/landarani-trust.html)

Why are dog photographer prices so different?

10 years later, the process and the results are pretty different. 

Image of a lurcher puppy in golden autumn ferns

Nowadays I educate myself almost daily; things like the physical process behind photography, the artistic process of editing, marketing, social media trends. I have invested in kit & lenses that help me do my job better.

And because this is a full time job, not part time, I have to do things I didn’t have to before. I never realised the admin behind building your own brand; insurance, accounts (bleurg!), learning about how to keep your audience engaged to name a few.

The reason I do this? Well, it’s for you! My possible future client. Because of what I have learned, I hope to give you a smooth, non stressful process. I talk to you before the shoot, I figure out the best place to take your dog based on it’s personality, and make sure all your questions are answered. Because of the experience I now have, I see things that other people may not see!

Mobile phone image of a whippet underneath small tree with blossom to demonstrate how a scene looks to some peopleWhippet under a blossom tree

It’s not just a shoot, it’s an experience!

I want you both to have fun, so I have learned tips and tricks to get focus, and make it relaxed for all involved. Afterwards I talk you through the ordering process, figuring out what would look best in your home.

So going back to the beginning, now my prices are a lot higher, because I’m going to give you a higher quality experience based on 10 years of learning. Think of the first image, that figure you said in your head (or out loud), what about the image below? What would you pay to have this kind of image blown up large on your wall (lets face it, the first image you may have wanted a 4×6 print, but nothing bigger!) 

Papillon walking next to a bluebell field

Dog Photographer prices

For a large piece of wall art, my prices start at 325.00, and that’s after the session fee. Am I expensive? Maybe. Am I worth it? Well, that’s for you to decide, but what I really hope is that you have a better understanding of why dog photographer prices may be so different. 

Feel free to drop a comment below – I’d really like to hear your thoughts. 

If you’d like to book a session with me, you can email me at Kerry@fur&fables.com or simply give me a call on 07810 541 685.


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