National Kids & Pets Day

Did you grow up with pets? I’m getting more requests recently to photograph dogs with their little humans. I grew up with dogs, a tonne of cats, an aviary and tropical fish which I guess is why I still love animals so much! National Kids & Pets Day is a day to celebrate the bond that kids & pets can share.Photograph of a baby in the bluebells with two spaniels
Yes, it can be challenging, but I absolutely adore capturing these best friends. I only have memories of my pets, nothing physical; it makes me so happy that I am giving these children something to hold on to, so that when they grow up, they will always have images which will transport them back to being with their childhood friends. 

Do you have photo’s of yourself with your childhood pet? Or do your kids have a special bond with their pet? I’d love to see them! 
If you’d like me to capture something special for your child & dog, pop me an email to 
Photograph of a whippet sitting in the flowers in front of two children in the woods 


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