A fair few people have said to me that they instantly know an image has been taken by me, which honestly blows my mind, especially with so many more dog photographers out there now.

So I found myself feeling a bit creatively lost when I moved to Cumbria, which will probably sound surprising because the landscapes here are incredible! The reason being is that I got to know my locations so well in Surrey and Sussex that I intrinsically knew where the best light would be at certain times of day, when the best time of year was for bluebells or ferns and where to find the best autumn leaves. I got used to the ‘closeness’ of the landscapes, there were very few wide open vista’s where I shot.

Which is why, I recently realised, I was struggling a little. I’ve always loved shooting landscape photography, but when it comes to photographing dogs, I’ve tended to always shoot tighter in.

Changing the perspective

This may not seem like a huge shift when it comes to changing location, but actually, because I have trained to work like this for so long, that it’s almost become instinctive. And it’s possibly why I have, as people have told me, a signature style.

I’ve found lots of places to shoot in Cumbria now where I can shoot in my usual way, but it would be a crying shame not to also include the beautiful fells if you are having a shoot in this magical place!

So I hope you enjoy this slight change of style, and come along with me on a new journey of learning what works best for photographing gorgeous dogs in the Lake District.

If you are thinking of visiting the Lake District on holiday and would like a photoshoot for your dog, or even if you want to chat about the best places to eat and walk, feel free to drop me an email at

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