I’m SO excited to be adding to the Fur & Fables line, and also helping you add pretty little accessories to your dog walking routine! The Dicky Bags & Treat bags have just landed and look amazing.

We have had our Dicky Bag for about 7-8 years to give you and idea of how well made they are.

Limited amount

I only have 7 Dicky Bags & 6 Treat bags for this order so you will need to be quick! I’ll order more next year on pre-order.

The Technical Stuff

Dicky Bags: Airtight, lightweight, washable (30oC), neoprene bag that stores nasty poop bags until you find a bin! Dicky Bag is a soft yet ridged neoprene bag which is glued and blind stitched to create an odour proof rubber seal. It has a soft pocket in the lid for storing any type of clean pickup bags and has a replaceable air freshener disc.

As it has both a carabineer and a velcro strip so you can attach it to pretty much anything!

Medium Size:

Medium 12.5cm /
10cm /
707ml /
24 fl oz (US)
115g /
4 oz

Treat Bags: Quick and easy access through the anti-spill lid; this is the perfect treat bag! No messing around with toggles or fasteners. Quick rewards = no loss of attention = well trained dogs. No spill when running, bending or jumping, perfect for dog agility. Washable tough neoprene can be machined washed at 30°. Grease resistant Neoprene rubber won’t allow greasy residue from cheese or meat damage clothes. No more crumbs in the pockets and super lightweight. The Zip allows you fill your treat bag quickly and wash it easier so it perfect for people using food such as meat, cheese, liver cake.

Non Technical Stuff

They are SUPER pretty!

Want to get your mitts on them!? Order here:


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  1. Looloo

    I just tried to order and got a not available.
    Are you going to be getting anymore Kerry



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