Why hire brand photographer & why hire me?

The last 10 years or so has seen the pet industry boom and people, quite rightly, are treating their dogs as part of their family and not only want the very best for them, but also want to buy high quality products that last. So how do you help your dog brand stand out from your competitors? One way, is of course, imagery. We live in a very visual world, and when you have professional photography, it helps the whole look and feel of your brand feel elevated!

Why hire me? As you can see from the testimonials on this page, I’ve worked with dog brands for over 8 years now, and build up a close relationship with the brand owners so that I get to know exactly what they need from a shoot. I’ve also worked photographing dogs for over 10 years with private clients too so have photographed 100’s of dogs. Even if you don’t hire me, please don’t make the mistake that, for example, a wedding photographer can photograph for you, although they will know about the general elements of photography like light and composition, working with dogs is a whole different ball game! It’s the reason I would never do newborn photography, it’s a whole different skill set. You will need someone who has patience and understands an element of dog behaviour to make sure the dog models are comfortable and happy – which in turn will give you the best possible images. 

You aren’t local to me, can I still help your dog brand?

I often get dog brands contacting me, wishing that I could help them with their photography but thinking they are too far away. Here’s the thing, I work with a lot of brands remotely!

If you are wondering how that works, it’s quite simple, here’s brief overview.

We get to know each other.

I’ll send across my pricing proposal so you can see how I work and which package is best for you. We then have a call to a) make sure we are the right fit for each other and b) figure out the style and feel of the images you would like to achieve. Every brand is different, and whether you want fun, elegant or natural, we work together to make sure the shoot matches how you want your images to portray your brand message. If it helps, you can set up a pinterest board of images that think relay your company style.

Send your products to me.

Send a selection of your products to me via courier, the products which best emphasis your brand and your ethos and I’ll source dog models based on your target client and away we go!

I am a service based dog brand, can you still help?.

Yes, absolutely! Drop me an email as I travel round the UK a fair bit so I can try and tie in other shoots with yours. Same if your dog is an integral part of your brand and needs to be in the shoot, we can usually work something out!

What happens next?

I’ll organise the shoot models, location, and times and when the shoot is over I’ll select the best images and you’ll be sent a gallery link where you can choose your favourites based on how many images in your package, and choose to purchase more if you want.

Furdography for Beginners Course

If you’d like to know more – you can see why I think you should work with me here: https://www.furandfables.com/shoot-overview/brands/ 

Or drop me a message to kerry@furandfables.com, I’m here to help 🙂


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