At the start of this year I went to the Lake District on my own with two of the hounds and I really enjoyed seeking out amazing dog friendly places.  I’m not able to do it again next January, so I’ve decided to do a couple of little mini staycations closer to home – starting with East Sussex.

Blue whippet standing in a cobbled street in Lewes


I went via Pets Pyjamas (a pet friendly site with a pet concierge!) and told them I wanted somewhere a bit quirky and they found me The Bell in Ticehurst which is gorgeous! I decided to pop into Lewes on the way – it was a Sunday so very quiet but it was nice to see quite a few dog friendly places including the dramatic setting of the Lewes Priory ruins.  

Blue whippet in a grey jumper standing on a historical ruins

The Bell Inn Ticehurst

We arrived at The Bell a little early but were given a very friendly welcome. I asked if I could take a few shots in the bar, and after a few minutes one of the lovely staff members mentioned they had a snug I could use to take more photographs as it was a pretty space, and they weren’t kidding! I think this is the first time I have ever had a place do this!

Blue whippet in dog friendly bar and pub in ticehurst east sussex

After an early start, Shadow was a smidge tired so he relaxed while I had a very tasty lunch (of course a few titbits were sent his way). 

When we were shown to our room, where there was already a dog bed & bowl waiting and I loved the decor! As the hotel was built on an old silver birch farm, every room has part of a silver birch in it as a statement piece. 

Whippet on a bed with an orange velvet throw

Blue whippet on a hotel bed in a dog friendly location

Shadow made his feelings clear when he kept jumping on the bed to lie down, I was impressed that Ray, who had shown us to our room didn’t seem fazed by this at all, I’m glad I brought his travel bed though! We stayed in a standard double, I’d definitely visit again and upgrade as I want to explore the other amazing rooms! The quality of food during the stay was really high too, and chef was accommodating with any small amendments I asked for, as well as putting aside one of the few specials he had left (I had the it two days in a row it was so good!)

Scotney Castle

As I’m a National Trust member, we took a trip across the border to Scotney Castle in Kent where grounds and gardens are dog friendly. We arrived just after opening time and for a while it felt like we had the place to ourselves. It’s a beautiful walk with lovely views, even in winter! 

Whippet exploring Scotney Castle Grounds in Kent

The bad weather meant we couldn’t explore more than this but it’s a great excuse to go back! 

Where’s the best place you have ever had for a staycation? 

Kerry x


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