I know high vis and florescent is hardly going to win any style awards, however as the days get shorter here in the UK, it means a lot of us need to walk our dog after dark. Here are the top 7 things I use to keep my dogs and myself safe & seen.

High Vis Jumper from The Whippet Company

high visibility dog jumper with reflective strips

This jumper is super snuggly for the colder days and super high vis! I have both the yellow and the orange versions and reflective strips are a good size to make sure your hound is spotted easily. Also great if you are walking off lead in a busy park/beach!

From: The Whippet Company
Cost: From £37.50

The Harbour Rain Slicker from Chilly Dogs

florescent dog coat with reflective strips

Perfect for those damp autumn days – it’s light weight so great for hairy hounds or for cooler days and keeps your dog dry. It has reflective strips round the design for visibility in low light. I bought mine via special request from Doggy Boho, although you can order them direct from Chilly Dogs be prepared to pay $40 shipping. Doggy Boho currently have in a different rain slicker & a similar, fleece lined version of the Harbour, all with reflective strips.

From : Chilly Dogs Canada or Doggy Boho 
Cost: from £62.50

The Surrey High Vis coat from Redhound For Dogs

high visibility dog coat

Lets face it, if you live somewhere like the UK, you don’t have to be walking before sunrise or after sunset for the days to be dark! For those kind of days I have this coat. Because it’s padded, it’s cosy for autumn, but the design means that I can pop a jumper on the dogs for the colder days. Now Redhound cater specifically for sighthounds however I have seen a fair few other breeds who fit them too – usually dogs with deeper chest and smaller waist like dalmatians and vizslas.

From: Redhound for Dogs
Cost: From £41.00

Ruffwear High Visability Track Jacket

ruffwear high visibility jacket
If your dog doesn’t really need a coat to keep them warm but you still want them to be visible then this may be your option! Super light weight & waterproof with a thick reflective strip down each side.

From: Purrfectly Yappy 
Cost: £27.00

Clip on lights

clip on lights for dogs

You can pop these on harnesses or around collars as an added extra option. These ones are waterproof too (I know this for sure as one went through the washer and still works!). I use these for myself too, popping one on my bumbag (yes, I have one!) when I’m running.  I bought mine in a pack from Amazon but I’m sure you can purchase something similar from other places.

For Humans: Head torch & reflective arm bands

Living where I do means lots of very dark walks! A USB charging head torch is one of the best investments I have had purchased. Obviously it illuminates your walk but also makes sure that cars know you are there too. Paired with some elasticated reflective arm bands, I’m hardly the height of fashion but at least both myself and my hounds will be seen! 

Do you have any added tips for how to stay visible in winter? I’d love to hear them.


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