With Christmas sneaking up on us, there are a dizzying array of products out there to give to your dog loving friends, or, in fact gifts to buy to treat yourself! I have put together my personal top products, supporting small businesses and made in the UK, which I use & buy myself and which definitely won’t be re-wrapped and given to someone else next year.

Collars built to last by Dogs & Horses

I don’t think my love of Dogs & Horses collars and leads is a secret. They are the first collars I have bought that have lasted the distance, they have been through swimming in the sea, snow, mud the works! I occasionally treat them with a leather wax but that’s pretty much it. Hard wearing yet elegant, classic yet with personality. If you want luxury then Dogs & Horses are for you.

Leather sighthound collar in brown and orange

Prices from 45.00 GBP (15% Discount Code with WHIP15)
Dogs & Horses: Website

Natural, High Quality and Irresistible to Hounds – Dog Treats from The Innocent Hound

I think we are, as a nation of dog lovers, becoming more aware of the foods we are feeding our hounds, which is why I love The Innocent Hound. They have a very high percentage of meat & only use British meat from sustainable farming. Oh, and their menu sounds good enough for humans! For Christmas they have fabulous festive treats as well as a dog friendly Christmas cake mix – which is super easy to make, even for me!
two boxes of natural dog treats by the innocent hound boxes of natural dog treats by the innocent hound

Prices from 9.00 GBP for Christmas Treats
Innocent Pet Company Website 

Elegant Sofa Toppers To Revamp & Protect Your Sofa by The Lounging Hound

If you are a bit soft like I am, there is no way we could ever keep the hounds off the sofa so I can’t quite believe no-one has thought about this genius idea of a sofa topper before! They come in a great variety of colours to almost match, or compliment your sofa, as well as standard sizes, they can be custom made. If you don’t want to stop there, they also have boot toppers & bench toppers – we have all of the above!

Blue whippet laying on a beige sofa

Prices from 150.00 GBP
The Lounging Hound Website 

Affurmation Candles from Dolittle & Co | Moments

I have this is burning while I am writing this blog post, and although smaller than some of the candles on the website, it packs a punch on the beautiful scent. There are lots of pet friendly candles out there, I chose this one though for a couple of reasons.  Firstly they are poured in the UK, soy based and dog friendly; I also really adore the addition of an affirmation card so that you can write something positive and say it out loud every time you light the gorgeous candle. If you are struggling to think of something to write, the website has a beautiful one: 

“You are Beautiful, You are Loved.
Believe, Belong and Become.
You are everything and you are enough.”

Soy based pet friendly candles Soy based pet friendly candles 
Dolittles & Co by Moments Website
Price 16.50 GBP

Completely Natural Handmade Soaps by The Dog & I

I am a big fan of supporting small businesses & also using natural products as much as I can on my hounds. If you are the same, you will be pleased you have found The Dog & I – they only use three ingredients in their soaps and why should they need any more? It is exactly what you need to get your hounds clean; lathers amazingly but rinses of quickly and smells divine.

Their absolutely fantastic Spa kit is really reasonably priced and if you have friends dogs who love bog snorkling (like my crazy spaniel friend) this would be perfect. Both the soaps and the spa kit would be brilliant as stocking fillers (because everyone gets stockings for their hounds right??). 

And if you wanted even more convincing about switching from bottled shampoo to soaps, this statistic always blows me away: If just 1% of the nation’s 8.5 million dogs (well, their owners anyway) converted from a bottle of shampoo to a bar of soap, that would be 85000 less plastic bottles out there. That figure blows my mind. Of course long haired dogs may still need shampoo, wouldn’t it be amazing though if they used a product with natural ingredients instead of lots of unnecessary ‘stuff’.
trio of natural dog soaps on the beach
Prices from 2.80 GBP
The Dog and I Website 

For Hounds Who Step Out In Style by Redhound for Dogs

For hounds who need to be kept warm; Redhound for Dogs are an amazing company who always go out of their way to make sure their coats are not only practical but super stylish. They are in a very unique position that they design in house, with Debbie coming from a background in wedding dress design, which means they can create coats like this gorgeous Dorset (shown in Plum). It’d be a hard choice but I have included the Dorset as it’s the first one they have designed that is washable. The cross over design gives easy movement while the padding keeps your hound super warm.

They should come with a warning though – you will get stopped constantly by people admiring your hound when they wear this! And you will also feel the need to upgrade your own wardrobe to keep up.
whippet at the top of a mountain in the lake district overlooking a lake

Prices from 53.00 GBP
Redhound for Dogs Website

A gift that keeps giving – subscription box from The Collar Club

I adore treating my hounds to new toys and treats (who doesn’t!), it keeps them interested for training and helps stimulate the senses. There are SO many new treats and toys out there for dogs now though that it’s confusing, especially as I try and give the hounds natural products. This is where Collar Club takes out the decision making process! Every month a box of high quality, natural treats and toys are delivered to my door – each is thoroughly research to make sure it’s as sustainable as possible. It makes me so happy to see how excited they all are when they are ‘helping’ me unpack. This is such a great gift for either your own hound or the dog lover in your life. There’s no minimum subscription so you can cancel any time you like.
Blue whippet peering over a plate of dog biscuits
Price 32.99 GBP
Collar Club Website 

The Ultimate Luxury Dog Bed by Charley Chau

For those of you who would love a dog bed which looks gorgeous in your home, and also is built to last, you can’t go wrong with Charley Chau. The snuggle beds are a firm favourite in this household & when I read how much time and effort they have put into designing their Ducky Donut bed, I knew that it was going to be pretty special. One of the great things about this brand is that they really pride themselves in making beautiful quality that lasts, so an investment, and one that your hounds will thank you for!

This is the first dog bed that I have come across (apart from the ‘cushion’ ones) where you can take off the entire covers to wash, if that wasn’t great enough, you can also wash the individual side pads & the removable mattress from the bottom. The sides are super plump & filled with duck feather pads and keep their shape amazingly well. We love them so much, we took them to France!

Prices from 195.00
Charley Chau Website 

The ultimate bag for all your dog walking needs by Ridgebag

I have been lusting after these bags for about a year. Designed to be the ultimate dog walking bag, they are at the high end of the price scale, and with good reason! They are made in Wales in the UK and have absolutely ingenious design elements. Built in poop bag holder, removable treat pocket, a zip up pouch with removeable pocket for your used poop bags, and even a side pocket with a foldable fabric dog bowl! There are many more little designs that make it perfect, it will be the only dog walking bag you will ever need. 

Whippet balancing on back legs to try and look into a dog walking bag

Prices from 95.00 GBP
Ridgebag Website

Elegant Whippet Cufflinks by McKinley And Moth

When I ordered a pair of dainty little whippet earrings from McKinley & Moth, my husband immediately asked if they could do a set of cufflinks…and a tie pin….and a lapel badge….and they were happy to oblige my equally whippet mad husband! I think these were bespoke at the time, I couldn’t see the cufflinks on her website (the lapel pin is there), so you may have to drop her a message. 

silver whippet cufflinks on a white shirt cuff

From 45.00 GBP
McKinlay and Moth Website

A great little stocking filler from Adios Plastic

Ever since season 2 of my podcast ‘For the Love of Dog‘ I have really trying to be a more eco friendly dog owner. Ben from Adios was my first guest and it completely changed my view of the poop bags on the market – I have been a firm fan ever since and have signed up to his subscription service. I love the fact that he is making poop picking up festive by introducing Christmas Poop Bags – 100% plastic free, compostable and a cute little stocking filler. 
Christmas poop bag design

From 4.79 GBP (10% off with discount code FUR10)
Adios Plastic Website 

A Gift of Forever – A Photoshoot from Fur & Fables Dog Photographer

Dogs are such a huge part of our lives, having a photoshoot is so much more than taking a few shots. I offer products that people are able to see every day of their lives – a sleek metal print above the fireplace or a rustic wood panel of their favourite walk in the hall. For people who love being outdoors, in our beautiful country with their hounds you can give them a gift, a memory, of their walks through the woods, running along the beach or hiking in the hills.

The vouchers come with a few little extra’s, ready to give to your favourite dog lover. 

Prices from 175.00 GBP
Shoot detail are here

Thanks for reading! I’d love to know what you think. Kerry x

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