There are so many reasons to book a professional photoshoot of your dog; memories – as a nation of dog lovers, we all want to make sure we have something to remember our dogs, our furry family members,  when they are no longer with us. Other reasons could be capturing that puppy stage, or the later years. Whatever the reason, there’s something inside you that longs to have a piece of photographic art, something more than a camera phone snap.

Nova Scotia duck toller lying down in the grass which has lots of daisies

What happens on a dog photoshoot

Firstly, we have a call about the personality of your dog way before the shoot. That way, if you have eg a nervous dog, I wont go in for cuddles straight away, you can relax knowing that I’m aware of all your dogs likes and dislikes so that they can have the most comfortable experience possible. Rest assured though, your dog will be adored – friends have lost me on countless occasions when I have made a mad dash to see if I can say hello to a dog so to call me a dog lover is an understatement! #crazydoglady

What to bring on your shoot

You don’t need much! If your dog has a ‘Sunday Best’ collar, that is always great. Any of their favourite toys, poop bags, and high quality treats (although I bring them too) and of course a lead. I encourage you to be in at least one image, whether it just be your boots or your hand, or an image of you walking and interacting with your dog. Most people don’t like themselves in photographs, I would prefer you to have this  this kind of shot than to not have it. So maybe wear your best walking boots, just in case!

Norfolk Terrier peering through a metal fence with a person standing behind.

On the day of the shoot

In the pre shoot call we talk about the best location for your dog. If they are nervous, I know about out a plethora of beautiful places that are either secure, not very well known or both. Otherwise, the sky is the limit, the below above was taken at Chiswick House in London where gorgeous Ezra spends many of his days. 

Whippet posing inbetween columns at Chiswick house.

If your dog isn’t able to go off lead, no problem! The image below of beautiful Monty was on lead!

Coated Xolo dog peaking out from red ivy.

How we get the shots

Once we arrive at the location, after getting your dog accustomed to both me and the camera (some dogs find a big black box being pointed at them a little intimidating), we start with a few very basic & easy shots, moving up to more difficult ones once your dog is comfortable and happy, this is where you will probably getting into some odd positions on the floor!

I use different methods depending on your dog and it’s personality but it usually involves manoeuvring into position with treats or toys and then either I make one of many unusual sounds to get your dogs attention, or if we have more than one family member, they can stand behind me as a focus point. In 6 years of dog photography, I have found ways to always get the shot! 

Dog photographer crouching down with camera and treat held above it photographing a dog

But what if it rains?

I know that some dogs love water, however my aim for the shoot is to make it fun for everyone involved, humans too. The weather forcast is usually very changeable so I usually make a judgement 24 hours before the shoot as to if the weather is too bad for your time slot, and we will either rearrange for a different time that day, or a different date. 

Labrador jumping from a wall into a lake

What happens after the shoot?

After the shoot I give you your goody bag! I’ll always try and have products samples with me so that you can check them out and have a think about what will be best for your home. I’ll then choose the very best images of each setup we have done, and then edit them to a high standard – either 25 or 35 images for your gallery depending on your package.  About a week later I’ll call you to talk you through your online gallery and how to use it and give advice on any products you have been thinking about. 

Fine art book

So what are you waiting for! Click here 👉🏻 shoot details to choose your session & lets get you booked in!

Kerry x


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