I was looking through my Pinterest boards and I found these coconut oil and herbs dog treats that literally take minutes to prepare, and best of all I had a heap of herbs in the garden I could use!

I go through stints of making my own homemade dog treats, a lot of the time though it involves a bit of faff and usually, for me, a lot of mess.

Photograph of ingredients for homemade dog treats with coconut oil.


1 Cup (approx. 8.5floz) of organic coconut oil
Small bunch of herbs

That’s it! You just chop the herbs, mix them all in the coconut oil & pop them in the fridge! I used a silicone paw shaped mould from Amazon, but you can just roll them into balls and pop them onto grease proof paper. 

Herbal Benefits

Here’s what I included from the garden and the health benefits:

  • Curly and flat leaf parsley – full of vitamins K, C & A this wonder herb can help with arthritis and freshens breath. (not for pregnant dogs or dogs with kidney problems)
  • Rosemary – an antimicrobial it’s good for digestion, strengthening the heart and acts as a natural tick & flea repellent (which is something that coconut oil also helps with.

photograph of silicone mold with coconut oil and herb filled dog treats

Other herbs for your dog treats

Do you have any of the following in your garden? Why not mix and match?

Lavender: For calming & antibacterial properties 
Thyme: Improves digestion and has antibacterial properties
Mint: Helps settle stomach, relieves allergies and of course freshens breath!
Basil: Antibacterial & lots of vitamins
Oregano: Immune system support

Coconut oil and herb homemade dog treats with sprigs of rosemary & parsleycoconut oil and herb dog treats ona wooden board with a dog trying to steal it
Original recipe via Pawsify
Huge wealth of knowledge about herbs via Dogs Naturally website

Do you have a super simple dog treat recipe you’d like to share? 

Kerry x

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