Rainy Day Dog Coats

When you own a whippet, there’s one thing that quickly becomes a necessity and that’s dog coats & jumpers! Today is the 12th June, but in West Sussex it feels like mid-August. The rain has been persistent and heavy and to be frank, crap. So in a month where I should be taking the hounds out really early as it’s too warm, what I’m actually doing is digging out the wet weather gear. Whippet wearing a waterproof wax coat sat next to a fence.

My go to Dog Coats

There are two brands of dog coats in my dogs extensive wardrobe; Redhound for Dogs & Chilly Dogs. Both serve quite different purposes to me.

Redhound For Dog Coats & Jumpers

Redhound has been a staple in my dogs wardrobe for about four years now – and not just because I photograph for Debbie, the owner! Her eye for detail, design as well as practicality means that the fit of the coats is perfect. Whippets have a very specific shape, and as Debbie designs specifically for them, it means that she knows the contours well (her coats have been known to fit dogs like Poodles & Dalmatians who have a similar deep chest & skinny waist). Whippet wearing a wool wax coat with a jumper peeking out from behind snowy bushes.As we are talking about rainy days, I adore the wax jackets as they also keep the wind out, some of them you can double up with a fleece for an extra cosy walk. All you need to do is pop your hand under one of these jackets and feel how warm your hound is underneath to know they are doing the job they are designed to do! 

Redhound has recently expanded their range to washable waterproof coats too! 

Chilly Dogs Coats

Built for Canadian winters, these are brilliant rain & wind proof coats for super active dogs – I put a florescent one on Shadow or Boo as they like to sprint around like loons and usually end up getting filthy. There are two kinds – one for more winter with a fleece belly, and the Rain Slicker which is perfect for wet weather. 

Photo of a whippet rolling in the snow in a coat

These aren’t actually whippet specific, but it fits like they should be! I get mine from UK supplier Doggy Boho. 

For humans, I swear by my Toggi Boots which have kept my feet dry for a good five years now!  I also love my Ancestor hiking jacket as it’s lightweight, has lots of great pockets and a lovely fit. 

What’s your go to wet weather attire?

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  1. Jane Willetts

    Thank you for mentioned Doggy Boho, an official stockist of the fabulous brand Chilly Dogs. We first came across them when looking for a coat for our first greyhound. They specialise in active wear for Long and Lean hounds as well as all other breeds. came across Chilly Dogs and haven’t looked back. We liked them so much (cliche coming) we decided to sell!


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