Last year I had a few conversations with experts which changed the course of my business. At the time I was running Boo Face for family photography and Whippet Snippets for dog photography, and it I was finding it really difficult trying to reach my audience for what was two very different markets.

The first decision I made was to rebrand to combine the two (thanks to J.Nichole Smith who also made me focus on what my brand was about), then after attending a mastermind class (at a Janet Murray event), some very smart people made me realise that my niche should be more about dogs.

Whippet in a landscape garden

Could I have kept the name Whippet Snippets for this? Absolutely! I was however finding people where questioning if I photographed more than whippets! Don’t get me wrong, whippets are my soul breed, however you will find me cooing over most dogs, I just love being around them.

Photograph of a King Charles cavalier in the woods

Do you think I made the right decision? I’d love to hear what you think.

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